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DOCTOR ON CALL- UNA members receive Fifty Percent 50% discount on membership. Doctor On Call provides immediate telephone access to Board Certified physicians using a toll-free number. Doctor On Call provides every member their own personalized membership card and information detailing the unlimited 24-hours-a-day access to our more than 240 Board Certified physicians.


US HEARING PLAN - National Hearing P.P.N. which saves UNA members as much as 50% on high quality digital hearing instruments and covers most major brands. Our benefit packages include a 60-day trial, a 2-year repair warranty, a 1-year loss and damage policy, and a 1-year supply of batteries, shipped directly to your place of residence. This program was developed to educate those who are at risk and assist those who have experienced hearing loss. This program is a nice complement to any ancillary benefits package.
US Hearing Plan


- Multiple sources of evidence indicate that nutritional improvements, including the appropriate use of supplements, can have important benefits in reducing health care costs. With the above in mind, VITAMINSAVINGSPLAN.COM offers the Nutritional Wellness Program. This program provides access to top quality, affordable nutritional products that nutritionally support specific health issues. Access to this program is FREE to members and it provides a 40% DISCOUNT. This program creates the potential to improve the health status of members and reduce direct and indirect healthcare costs. In addition, it provides an additional health maintenance tool to members.
This benefit program provides the following to members:

A 40% discount.
Additional savings to be periodically offered to members only.

Complimentary S&H for total orders over $50 (normally $6.95).

Access to a focused product lines that increases clarity of usage…meets the specific health issue of members.




WEIGHT LOSS - We have developed a program in conjunction with LA WEIGHT LOSS which will allow members to save 30% on a full service LA WEIGHT LOSS program.



WELLNESS PROGRAM- The Wellness professionals at invite you to join our community as we all seek to discover and define health for our Minds, Bodies, Relationships, and Spiritual Connections. We believe in the totality of the human experience and the ability to focus our mind to solve or resolve issues to make our time on earth more satisfying, loving, and enriching. There is NO COST to utilize these services.




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