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 "To help address rising premium costs, we launched the HSA California program. The key to the HSA California program is that all the benefit options are HSA qualified.  That means no insured Rx coverage until the participant meets their deductible. Our early research indicated that everyone loved the concept but the one overriding concern was the lack of first dollar prescription drug coverage.

United Networks of America came to the rescue by providing a supplemental discount Rx package which provided HSA California members prescription discounts until their deductible is reached. United Networks of America is an industry leader in providing innovative solutions that are unrivaled in the benefits marketplace."

Ron Goldstein, CLU

"United Networks of America has provided quality products and services to our association for the past several years. Our members and their employees have found value in these programs and services. This has only served to strengthen the relationship we have with our members. 

With so much focus on the economy and the rising cost of health care today we truly appreciate the value-added benefits that UNA offers our association. I believe you and your members will find value in the services that UNA provides."

Joseph A. Donchess
Executive Director
LA  Nursing Home Association

“UNA has been a wonderful partner for BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina for several years now. As a plan we have a long history of offering value-added discount programs for our members and as a leader among plans nationwide. Several years ago, UNA developed the American Cosmetic Surgery Network (ACSN), which fit perfectly with our goal of expanding our cosmetic surgery program from only South Carolina to nationwide.

We have members in all 50 states and ACSN provides our members access to board certified plastic surgeons who offer great savings simply for carrying a BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina ID card. We look forward to continued success with ACSN and all of our value-added programs.”

Mr. Phil Midden, Manager of Complementary Health Programs, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina
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Fax: 803-264-7210






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